The 50 Best And Worst Things We Saw At New York City's Star-Studded Summer Festival [PHOTOS]

gov ball main stage

Governors Ball is a 3-day music festival held on New York’s Randall’s Island.

This year’s event featured headlining acts, Kanye West, Guns ‘N Roses, and Kings of Leon. Tons of other major artists also performed throughout the weekend.

Despite an all-star line up of musicians, the festival fell victim to a tropical storm on its very first day. The poor weather saturated the ground creating a terrible combination of water and mud.

Mounds and mounds of deep mud overtook the normally grassy field leaving fans slugging through the huge mess. There were many shoes lost in the process. 

The elements aside, it was a great weekend packed with fun, great food, and top-notch music. 

Governors Ball is a 3-day festival held on Manhattan's Randall's Island. The festival took place this past weekend, June 7-9.

Day one of Governor's Ball was tough.

Canadian singer Feist braved the storm and performed Friday.

The water was rising fast.

Mud was everywhere.

But fans still made the best of the festival, despite the weather.

By day two the rain stopped and the weather warmed up. This fan posed in the mounds of mud.

There was no way to avoid it.

Because of the conditions the Skyy Vodka tent was one of the best venues because it was covered.

Singer Azealia Banks performed under the tent. She had one of the more colourful performances we saw on the second day.

This family braved the bad conditions, stroller and toddlers in tow.

But it was tough for the family to get anywhere. The dad resorted to dragging his stroller through the mud.

The Gov Ball NYC Stage was one of the best because there was solid ground and no mud.

This fan was stylishly dressed and prepared for the elements.

But others weren't...

The majority of fans embraced the conditions.

And posed for photos with friends.

By mid-day Saturday the sun was shining bright.

The dancing didn't stop.

Despite having a good time, the mud was omnipresent.

And there were hundred dollar these Jeffery Campbell high-heels.

Face painting cost $10 at the festival and lines were long. But that didn't stop these fans from wanting to stand out.

Others proudly showed of their ink.

Creative outfits and hair colours weren't difficult to spot.

Neither were these creative cut-outs of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Just as we began to forget about the mud, this deep puddle quickly snapped us back to reality.

But there was still fun to be had. This Panda guy kept his spirits high with a refreshing beverage.

Then we stumbled upon the silent disco. A silent disco is when everyone wears headphones but dances to the same music.

As we wandered around the park, shoes were flung into the tree branches.

On our way to see rapper Kendrick Lamar perform we noticed that there were puddles several feet deep. It was important to avoid these at all costs, but some didn't care.

Kendrick Lamar's performance was epic. He performed many of his hit songs, like 'Poetic Justice' and 'Swimming Pools'.

Another casualty of the mud, an iPhone case.

Honda, one of the festival's sponsors, set up a section displaying several of its models. There was so much mud that Honda had to section off the cars so they wouldn't get dirty.

The uptown Manhattan skyline was visible just as the sun began to set on day two.

Iconic rapper Nas, closed out the second day along with Guns 'N Roses.

By day three, the mud was better under control. Positive messages were drawn throughout the grounds.

The crowd was a bit more lethargic. The lack of energy could be blamed on the nearly 90 degree heat.

Fans sought refuge up in the trees.

Blues singer and guitarist Gary Clark Jr. rocked out. He's known as the future of Texas blues.

These two ladies had a load of energy despite spending three days on Randall's Island in the mud.

David Hinds of Steel Pulse gave a passionate performance during the afternoon.

The mud wasn't nearly as bad as the day before but you still had to watch out for bad spots.

governors ball

The Lumineers played early in the evening on Sunday. The group just released its first album last year.

At sunset, English indie pop group the XX performed. Oliver Sim and Romy Madley-Croft started the band as a duo when they were 15.

Here's one of the guitarist, Oliver Sim, playing.

The sun was almost gone but some still wanted to have fun.

Kanye West was the last artist to perform. He previewed several new hits for the massive crowd.

But he still played old favourites.

As the epic, muddy weekend came to a close we left with a ton of great memories and one less pair of sneakers.

Now check out how bad the mud REALLY was at Governors Ball...

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