Here's what the gold iPhone 7 could look like

Apple is expected to release a new iPhone on September 7, or sometime in the next 60 days.

Yes, the iPhone 7 — or whatever Apple decides to call it — will come in gold.

New photos shared by Letem Svetem Applem show both models of the forthcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in gold.

These photos match up with what we’re expecting from the iPhone 7. The device is going to look similar to the iPhone 6S, with slightly redesigned antenna lines and a superior camera. The bigger model is expected to have a dual-lens camera which will enable zoom and better image fidelity. Apple’s also expected to remove the phone’s headphone port, leaving users to plug in headphones through the charging Lightning port.

It’s entirely possible these photos are from dummy models currently being sold in Chinese markets for case-makers to test their cases for the forthcoming phone.

Here are the pics:

Here’s an earlier leak of what looks like a working iPhone:

Check out the rest of the pictures at Letem Svetem Applem.

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