What it's like to eat a $225-per-person, 3-hour dinner at Eleven Madison Park, the best restaurant in America

Eleven Madison ParkFrancesco TonelliNew York’s Eleven Madison Park is the No. 1 restaurant in America.

Eleven Madison Park was just named the best restaurant in America, and we can see why. With Michelin-starred chef Daniel Humm at the helm, the French-influenced bistro serves exceptional greenmarket cuisine that surprises and delights.

Food blogger Julian Fang captured the experience of dining at Eleven Madison Park in spring 2011, for his website Jewelz. He opted for the 11-course tasting menu, which today runs three and a half hours long and costs $US225 per person.

While the menu has changed, the decadence remains. We’ve shared a selection of Fang’s photos with permission.

Daniel Humm's award-winning restaurant is located in Manhattan's Flatiron neighbourhood, on Madison Avenue between 24th and 25th Streets.

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