The 15 Coolest Offices In Tech: Facebook Menlo Park Headquarters Tour

Facebook new headquarters with Zuckerberg

Photo: Facebook and Laughing Squid via Flickr

Facebook officially moved into its new headquarters in Menlo Park today as planned.The place is the former headquarters of Sun Microsystems, but Facebook has put a ton of work into it over the last nine months.

The company’s real estate director John Tenanes said in a blog post this morning that Facebook ripped down all the cubicles and offices to encourage openness and collaboration, lined the walls with whiteboard paint forĀ  brainstorming sessions, and exposed the ducts on the ceiling to give the place an unfinished look and “remind us that our work is never done.”

The courtyard outside is still filled with bulldozers and dirt, but eventually it will hold cafes, coffee shops, a health centre, and onsite doctors.

But the interior is mostly done. Here’s what it looks like…

Let's start with the cafeteria. It's immense! And a lot prettier than the old one.

Lots of overhead lighting.

Wood paneling at the ends of tables give it a kind of warehouse look.

The wall at the back there looks like a bulletin board -- or perhaps a Facebook timeline.

The building has lots of open breakaway spaces where employees can quickly sit down for a chat.

Here's another one.

Here's a Facebook employee hard at work.

These employees have flags hung over their desks. Can you name all four?

Notice the unfinished ductwork. Facebook purposely let it be exposed to remind employees that their work is never done.

A Facebook tradition: the vending machine filled with free technical parts. Glad to see it made the move.

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