Take A Virtual Tour Of Mysterious Easter Island

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Photo: AirPano.com • 360° Aerial Panorama • 3D Virtual Tours Around the World

There aren’t many things on Easter Island off the coast of Chile, but the Moai statues are famed for their size.In fact, if you harm one of the statues, you can be sent to jail.

Some statues are 65 feet tall, and each of them weighs about 20 tons.  There are just under 1,000 Moai statues on Easter Island.

Last week, an archaeological dig revealed that below the surface of Easter Island, the Moai heads actually have carved bodies, according to Fox News.

Our friends at Airpano shared some of their panoramas of the island with us.

The island was named by Jacob Roggeveen, a God-loving Dutch explorer, in 1722.

Easter Island has a native population of just 4,000 people.

Part of the mystery of the Moai are what the statues depict. Legend has it they could have been planted by aliens since the statues don't really resemble humans.

It is speculated that the first inhabitants came to the island around 4 A.D.

The largest Moai on the island is 72 feet tall, according to PBS.

Source: PBS

The average Moai is 13 feet tall.

Source: PBS

It's believed that the Moai were carved between A.D.1100 up until the 1800s.

Most of the Moai statues were never moved from Rano Raraku quarry. So you can see a lot of them still there in one spot.

This island itself has a triangular surface.

In addition to sightseeing, there's horseback riding and surfing on the island.

You can also visit the beaches or volcanoes.

Diving is also very popular. Expect diversity of marine life, warm clear waters, and uncrowded diving sites.

The view is pretty incredible.

Airpano put together a graphic showing how big the heads are in comparison with a human.

If you're planning on going, LAN is the only airline that offers flights there. Round trip tickets cost generally between $500 and $900.

Love the view from the sky?

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