Huge Dramatic Photos Of The Drought That's Devastating America's Farmland

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Photo: University of Missouri

Farms in the Midwest have been hit by a drought and heatwave. The extreme weather has caused corn crops to wilt or significantly shrink in size.In some cases, farmers have given up hope and are mowing down their fields and using what corn they have as cattle field. Soybean plants are also showing signs of distress.

50 five per cent of the continental U.S. was in a moderate to extreme drought by the end of June according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The drought is now covering the widest land expanse since 1956.

We put together images of the impact this drought has had on crops around the country.

Thanks to KOMUNews and the University of Missouri’s Jessica Salmond for letting us run their photos

Drought and heat stricken corn in Nashville, Illinois

David Grant compares how large a corn ear from one of his farm's plants should be to what is currently produced in Boone County, Missouri. The crop's growth was stunted by severe heat and drought

Farmers have given up hope for a corn crop and are mowing their fields and using the plants for livestock feed

Corn crops are distressed and yellowing in Grand Island, Nebraska

An empty dock sits at the bottom of a dry cover at Morse Reservoir in Noblesville, Indiana. The reservoir is down 6 feet from normal levels

Missouri has experienced one of the top-10 worst droughts it's every recorded

Root systems and corn are not developing properly

From May to June, some parts of Missouri saw less than a half-inch of rain

There's been no sign of let-up since

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has asked for disaster relief

Counties across Missouri met the minimum threshold of 30 per cent of estimated yield damage of a single crop


Farm workers walk past an irrigated soybean field in Arkansas. The U.S. Agricultural Dept. granted a disaster declaration most counties because of the drought

Just today in Illinois, Governor Pat Quinn announced emergency drought measures

Sources:, WGN

Climatologists expect two thirds of Illinois to experience a severe drought

Sources:, WGN

16 counties spread across southern Illinois are already experiencing an extreme or exceptional drought

Sources:, WGN

Officials say Illinois needs to to get at least six inches of rain, as well as several rains in a row to see any change

Sources:, WGN

Now here are more images from the drought...

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