This 3-year-old Instagram star has a £2,800 cubby house complete with a grand piano, flat screen TV, and crystal chandelier -- take a look inside

Instagram/milliebellediamondDesigner labels apparently send Millie-Belle Diamond free clothes, bags, and shoes and pay her up to AUD $US250 to post a photo of her wearing them.
  • Designer toddler Millie-Belle Diamond’s Instagram a ccount has nearly 160,000 followers.
  • She apparently gets sent free designer gear by brands and is paid up to AUD $US250 (£140, $US190) a post to share photos of her wearing it.
  • Her latest toy is a souped up AUD $US5,000 (£2,800, $US3,800) cubby house, “Palace MBD,” complete with a 50-inch flat screen TV, baby grand piano, and crystal chandelier.

Three-year-old Millie-Belle Diamond from Noosa, Queensland, is no ordinary toddler – that’s if her Instagram is anything to go by.

Her account, managed by mum Schye Fox, has nearly 160,000 followers, making one of the world’s youngest Instagram sensations.

Designer labels send her free clothes, handbags, and shoes, her mother told Femail, then will pay her up to AUD $US250 (£140, $US190) a post to share photos of herself wearing the products.

The latest addition to her luxurious life is a brand new custom-built “cubby house” which has cost AUD $US5,000 (£2,800, $US3,800) for her father to build, and comes complete with a 50-inch flat screen TV – with Netflix installed naturally – a baby grand piano, crystal chandelier, and a rose garden and day bed out front.

“It truly is the cubby of every child’s dreams – Millie-Belle is so lucky but she also knows how lucky she is,” Fox told Femail. “It is a palace fit for a queen and she absolutely loves it.”

Click the arrows below to see inside the souped-up cubby house, which they have named “Palace MBD.”

The three-metre squared space was inspired by a $US20,000 Hamptons-style cubby house that Fox saw while in America, she told the paper.

It took Millie-Belle’s father, a former builder, three months to build.

Inside, there’s a wallpapered “feature wall” and a “mini makeup vanity.”

The couple are also planning to install air con in the coming months.

Take a tour of the end result in the video below.

“So many cubbies you see around look great on the outside but are just plain and wooden on the inside so it was important to us that it was just as beautiful if not better on the inside,” Fox said.

“I wanted it to look Instagram-worthy and just be a beautiful mini home and I think that’s just how the palace turned out.”

Fox told Femail that she started up the Instagram account when Millie-Belle was just two months old so that family could keep up with their lives.

Now, her daughter gets paid up to AUD $US250 (£140) a post to share photos of her wearing the designer gear…

…And she has a pretty insane trainer collection for a three-year-old.

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