Haunting photos of America's dead shopping malls

Dead MallNicholas EckhartThe now-defunct Rolling Acres Mall.

The retail industry is slowly devolving into its death, and there’s proof: more and more shopping malls are closing.

The malls are primarily those that are not high-end or low-end.

Earlier this year, D.J. Busch, senior analyst at Green Street Advisers, said to the New York Times, “It is very much a haves and have-nots situation.”

“Middle-level stores in middle-level malls are going to be extinct because they don’t make sense,” Howard Davidowitz, chairman of Davidowitz & Associates, Inc., a retail consulting and investment banking firm, said last year.

The White Flint Mall in Bethesda, Maryland opened in 1977.

It closed early this year. In February, only Lord & Taylor remained.

Source: The Gazette

The upscale mall was home to stores like Bloomingdale's and I. Magnin. Even Elizabeth Taylor was reported to appear at a department store at the mall.

Source: Washington Post

Before it closed, it was something of a ghost mall.

Dead malls are not particular to the United States. This is a deserted mall in Beijing.

This is what was once Glamour Nails at Maple Hill Mall. The mall was ultimately turned into a strip mall called Maple Hill Pavilion.

Source: Deadmalls.com

This is the deserted Carousel Mall in San Bernardino, California.

Surprisingly, it's still around, but according to Deadmalls.com, it just has 'a few mum and pop type shops and some local businesses that are fighting a losing battle.'

Source: Deadmalls.com

This is a frightening photo of another abandoned mall.

The future of malls look bleak. Green Street Advisers informed The New York Times that over two dozen malls have closed in the past five years, and 60 more are close to shutting their doors.

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