Beautiful Photos Of Pyongyang On The Weekend

Ray Cunningham North Korea

Photo: Ray Cunningham/flickr

What are you doing this weekend?If you live in Pyongyang, your options are understandably limited.

Ray Cunningham, a University of Illinois administrator and amateur photographer, has managed to visit North Korea each of the last several years.

With his permission, we have republished a series of his photos showing what a North Korean might do for fun on the weekend.

Of course, fun is a relative term in the Democratic People’s Republic.

Let's start the day at the Mangyongdae Fun Fair.

It's located about 7 miles outside Pyongyang.

Source: Daily Mail

The Mail says there's a great degree of scepticism about how often the park is filled...

Source: Daily Mail

...And whether the people are there of their own volition.

At least there are no lines.

If you've managed to keep your appetite, you can next head over to Pyongyang's pizzeria.

It may be the only one in the country.

Cunningham caught a glimpse of some pizza boxes, but it's not clear whether you can get delivery.

But why would you when the pizzeria comes with in-house entertainment.

Alas, here again, the clientele seems

Bellies full. Now let's go shopping! Here's the Paradise Department Store.

Where you can buy...essentials?

And some fun stuff.

Cunningham says the store only takes hard currency.

Alright, still some time before dinner — let's go bowling!

On the way oever, let's admire the pomp of Pyongyang's traffic girls

Even the locals themselves are impressed.

Alright we made it. First we'll have to genuflect at the shrine of Kim Il Sung.

There are also rules about who may use the restrooms.

But otherwise, seems like we'll sorta have a good time.

Famished? Let's head over to Pyongyang's brand new burger joint for dinner.

It's run by the Samtaesung (Food) and Cool Beverages Company...

...Which is said to be owned Kim Kyong Hui, the younger sister of Kim Jong-il.

Last year Cunningham says he wasn't allowed to be let in.

Kim Il-Sung Square

Another part of the square.

And looking out over the city, which Cunningham says has slowly grown more lit over the years of his visits.

More photos from North Korea...

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