Costa Coffee, which Coca-Cola just bought for $5.1 billion, has outlets everywhere from Moscow to Vietnam — here's what they look like

Google MapsA Costa branch in Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

On Friday morning US drinks giant Coca-Cola said it was buying Costa coffee from UK company Whitbread for $US5.1 billion. This is Coke’s first move into coffee beverages – and now it has nearly 4,000 worldwide stores to play with.

It means that Coca-Cola will now be challenging Starbucks in the global coffee-race, with outlets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East (though not the US). Here is a look at some of the variety of Costa outlets:

Costa has branches in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East — here’s a map showing where they all are.

Samantha Lee/Business Insider

Here’s a Costa Coffee in Mandaluyon, one of its 16 branches in the Philippines.

Google MapsA Costa branch in Mandaluyon, Philippines

Costa has made its way to west Asia, and can be seen in this shopping centre in southern Kazakhstan.

Google MapsA Costa store in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Kazakh Costas use some English text, but also a lot of Cyrillic, the alphabet in which Russian and neighbouring languages are written. This photo shows the large (massimo), medium (medio), and small (primo) sizes. The screens in the background are advertising a coconut mocha.

Youtube /Costa Kazakhstan

The UK is Costa’s heartland. Here is a picturesque branch on a bridge at the railway station in York.

Google MapsA Costa built into a railway bridge in York train station, UK.

Costa has 459 stores in China – here’s one in Beijing.

Martin Rosenbaum/FlickrA Costa coffee in China’s capital Beijing, 2013.

Spain has 25 Costas, including this one next to the Sagrada Familia, the church which is Barcelona’s top tourist attraction.

Google MapsThe Costa (L) facing the famous Sagrada familia church.

Here’s a Costa Coffee store underneath a pizzeria in busy Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Google MapsA Costa branch in Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

There’s a Costa tucked away to the side of the World Trade Center in Moscow.

Google MapsA Costa next to the Moscow World Trade Center.

In the distance…Edinburgh’s famous castle can be admired from seats outside this Costa on Castle Street.

Google MapsA Costa (L) with views of the famous Edinburgh Castle (R)

There’s only one Costa in Germany…and it’s in Frankfurt.

Google Maps/Jasroop KunnerThe menu at the only Costa in Germany, Frankfurt.

Legoland Coffee Co in the Legoland theme park in England is run by Costa.

Google Maps/Neil JenmanLegoland Coffee Co in the Legoland theme park, Windsor, is run by Costa.

This photo shows the staff at the opening of Vietnam’s only Costa, at Da Nang Airport.


A mural dwarfs this Costa in Beirut, Lebanon.

Google MapsPeople jog pas a Costa in Beirut, Lebanon.

Egypt has 44 Costa branches, here’s one in Cairo with the Arabic translation, too.

Google MapsA Costa in Cairo, Egypt.

Sunny Beach is a popular tourist spot in Bulgaria, and Costa have the tourists covered.

Google MapsA Costa storefront in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

And here’s a Costa drive-thru at Al Wasl in the United Arab Emirates, with the Emirati flag on top.

Google MapsA Costa drive-thru in Al Wasl, Dubai.

The chain has been expanding rapidly, so could well crop up in even more places in future under its now ownership.

Tom Murray / Business InsiderBusiness Insider’s local Costa Coffee in London.

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