6 Heart-Wrenching Children's Drawings Of Malaysia Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared more than a week ago, and investigators still don’t have answers for the families of the missing passengers and crew.

Some are still holding out hope that their relatives are alive — after all, no wreckage from the plane has been found, so it could have landed somewhere intact.

In a show of support for the passengers and their families, people have been putting up artwork in a viewing gallery at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Some of the pictures appear to have been drawn by children.

The artwork contains messages of hope — the one above shows the plane stuck in a tree with people climbing out of the windows, and another has the Bruno Mars lyrics to “Talking To The Moon” written on it:

I know you’re somewhere out there … Somewhere so far away … At night when the stars light up my room … I sit by myself talking to the moon … Trying to get to you.

Here are a few more:

There were 239 people on board the plane when it vanished on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Investigators believe the plane is most likely in the south Indian Ocean, a body of water so vast and remote that a U.S. Navy commander said there probably “aren’t enough ships and aircraft in the world” to search the entire area.

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