Stunning photos show how different young people's bedrooms look around the world

Courtesy of John ThackwrayÉlahé, 29, a painter in Tehran, Iran.
  • Bedrooms are private, personal spaces that can say a lot about their inhabitants.

  • French photographer John Thackwray has been travelling the globe since 2010 taking photos of people’s bedrooms.

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A bedroom says a lot about a person – about their lifestyle, their passions, their habits.

No one knows this better than French photographer John Thackwray, who has been travelling the globe since 2010 to snap pics of people’s digs.

In fact, he’s photographed 1,200 bedrooms in 55 countries for his My Room Project.

Thackwray has spent the last few years putting together his My Room Project, bit by bit, bedroom by bedroom.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayMarixa, 21, a teacher in Sibundoy, Colombia. ROOM#633

He started at home, in France, but ended up photographing bedrooms in 55 different countries.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayJoseph, 30, an artist in Paris, France, ROOM#024.

According to him, bedrooms might be an overstatement…

Courtesy of John ThackwrayFha, 20, a farmer in Ban Saingam, Thailand. ROOM#313

“Where people sleep” is more accurate, according to Thackwray.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayEzekiel, 22, a warrior in Echo Manyata, Kenya. ROOM#867

Each photo is captioned with the subject’s name, age and occupation, as well as a number that correlates to the order Thackwray shot it in.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayBen, 22, a film student in Dallas, Texas. ROOM#561

He focused on people between the ages of 18 and 30.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayMaja, 22, an architecture student in Berlin, Germany. ROOM#117

And tried to split his subjects evenly by gender.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayOsia, 18, a shepherd in Ha Selomo, Lesotho. ROOM#1049

He liked to document both the rich and poor, the modern and the traditional, and the rural and the urban in any given place.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayGullé, 29, an actress in Istanbul, Turkey. ROOM#205

Interested in documenting “the inequalities impacting humankind,” he asked photo subjects about their life and the problems they face.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayMaleeq, 28, an entertainer in New York City. ROOM#219

He’d chat with people about everything from politics to relationships.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayMarilyn, 23, a seed seller in Mahajanga, Madagascar. ROOM#945

Finding people willing to let him document their most private spaces wasn’t easy.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayRyoko, 25, an IT engineer in Tokyo, Japan. ROOM#256

“Convincing people took 95% of the time — my shooting time was little compared to it,” he said.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayDongzhé, 25, a designer in Beijing, China. ROOM#268

He mostly used social media and local NGOs to find photo subjects…

Courtesy of John ThackwraySabrina, 27, a Kindergarden teacher in Shatila, Lebanon. ROOM#1093

However, he sometimes just approached people on the street, though he said that was rare, “because it can be too dangerous in some communities.”

Courtesy of John ThackwrayYuan, 22, a salesperson in Dakli, China. ROOM#290

One thing he learned through this project is “that the world is unfair.”

Courtesy of John ThackwrayAsha, 17, a housewife in Bamansemilya, India. ROOM#348

“Inequalities and ignorance are the main scourges of humanity,” he said.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayFatou, 17, a seamstress in Thies, Senegal. ROOM#733

He also believes that people often confuse poverty with violence, and comfort with happiness, but that these things are mutually exclusive.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayPema, 22, a Buddhism student in Katmandu, Nepal. ROOM#385

“I’ve seen more smiles in poor countries, and much more depression in developed countries,” he said.

Courtesy of John ThackwrayOleg, 24, a Telecom engineer in Novosibirsk, Russia. ROOM#416

“I was also impressed by spiritually in India, hospitality in Russia, and the craziness of the Japanese lifestyle.”

Courtesy of John ThackwrayZhalay, 18, a student in Zhanbyl, Kazakhstan. ROOM#458

Despite many differences, one thing that was the same was that almost everyone had access to the internet and social media, “from Saudi young women to farmers in the African bush,” he said. “This is definitely the connected generation.”

Courtesy of John ThackwrayMohamed, 18, from Saint Catherine, Egypt. ROOM#807

The project has been published as a book, titled “My Room, portrait of a generation.”

Courtesy of John ThackwrayÉlahé, 29, a painter in Tehran, Iran. ROOM#466

Pre-order a copy here.

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