Why New Jersey's Beautiful Revel Casino Is Struggling, In 23 Photos

Really expensive and worryingly empty.

That’s what we thought about Atlantic City’s Revel Casino Hotel when we visited on a recent Saturday afternoon. It’s not a good combination.

Revel, which opened in 2012, has already entered and exited bankruptcy with a tremendous writedown and is now reportedly up for sale at a bargain price. It is “a magnificent failure that has obliterated at least $US2 billion in investments,” reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

We photographed the beautiful interior of the casino while reflecting on how it and the rest of Atlantic City fell on hard times.

Pulling into the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, there is a lot of free parking, even for a Saturday afternoon in February.

The casino's troubles were obvious from early, such as when Morgan Stanley wrote down a $US932 million loss on the project in 2010, well before it opened in 2012.

The Revel lost more than $US70 million during its first two fiscal quarters of 2012 and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on February 19, 2013.

Financial issues aside, the Revel has suffered its share of unexpected safety incidents, as well. Lightning strikes and work site accidents killed one worker and injured several more during construction.

And on September 12, 2012 a customer was severely injured when he fell from an escalator to the floor 40 feet below.

None of that is to say the Revel is not completely stunning.

It's a visual smorgasbord.

From any one of the themed entries ...

To the clubs ...

To the casino floor itself.

Just outside the main floor of the casino, a magnificent view awaits past a massive designer chandelier.

From the window, damage from Hurricane Sandy is still evident on public buildings below. Also, strangely, there are bird chirps every time a visitor moves in this area.

What look at first glance like lights above, in fact, are not.

They are canisters with bulbs and motion detectors programmed to emit a birdsong whenever someone walks past.

But good design can only do so much to counteract bigger problems in the Atlantic City hospitality sector (which represents 43% of local jobs),

The local industry is struggling to compete with newly authorised casinos in Maryland, Delaware, New York, Maine, and Massachusetts. Pennsylvania has now surpassed New Jersey as the second-largest gaming state in the country.

In addition, up to three New York City area casinos will be opening within the next seven years. CNBC points out that NYC is Atlantic City's largest feeder market.

Source: CNBC

Over the last 10 years, as gaming has opened up in neighbouring states, New Jersey has lost more than $US2 billion in revenue.

On top of neighbouring states, the Revel is also taking a hit from New Jersey's online gaming industry that has attracted nearly 200,000 players since opening in November 2013.

Source: USA Today

Since 2006, the local gaming industry has seen a 44% decline in revenue. According to local paper, The Trentonian, this has 'significantly crippled the city's finances.'

Source: The Trentonian

More visitors to Atlantic City now come for the beaches, than the gambling according to a local trade magazine.

And no single casino, regardless of its beauty can change that.

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