Notre Dame's New 'Shamrock Series' Uniform Is Going To Leave Some Fans Pissed Off

Notre Dame alternate helmet

Photo: Adidas Football

Notre Dame unveiled their new alternate uniform that will be worn during the “Shamrock Series” game against Miami on October 6 at Soldier Field in Chicago. And if Adidas’ goal was to raise some eyebrows, they will certainly succeed.The biggest change is the helmet. Gone is the simple and iconic gold helmet, replaced by one that is gold on one side and dark blue with a white leprechaun on the other.

The new uniform is the latest in Adidas’ line of “TechFit” uniforms, that also includes new alternate uniforms for both Nebraska and Wisconsin, when those two schools meet later this year.

On the next few pages, we will take a closer look at the new unis…

Here is the blue side of the helmet with the leprechaun. And the uniform appears to have three different shades of blue.

From the front, the uniform is reminiscent of the Michigan Wolverines

Odd to have two main colours on the helmet and even more odd that they are not evenly split

Gone is the leprechaun logo's signature green jacket and pants

And of course all new uniforms these days need logo-emblazoned gloves

Now check out the crazy uniforms Adidas made for Nebraska and Wisconsin

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