North Koreans Celebrate Rocket Launch, While South Koreans Flip Out [PHOTOS]

rocket korea

Photo: AP

It feels like the best day ever in North Korea and the worst day ever in South Korea after Pyongyang shocked the world by launching a rocket 1600 miles.The successful rocket launch was celebrated across the North — with festivities carefully staged by the dictator for the local AP bureau.

Meanwhile in the South they’re burning effigies of Kim Jong-un in wild protests.

North Koreans toast with beer after hearing the news of a rocket launch at the newly-built Mansukyo Restaurant

North Korean youths in traditional Korean outfit play instruments in front of the Pyongyang Grand Theatre to celebrate the rocket launch

Non-costumed youths take part in the celebration too

A glorious day

MEANWHILE IN SEOUL, a man watches a North Korean news report

South Korean religious leaders raise placards and shout slogans during a rally denouncing North Korea's rocket launch

A South Korean protester aims a toy gun at an effigy of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Lighting the effigy

Kim Jong-un and his rocket burn in effigy

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