Here Are The New Nike Olympic Track & Field Suits That Were Inspired By Golf Balls

Nike Olympic track & Field suit


Nike has unveiled their new track and field suits that will be worn by the Olympic teams representing four countries this summer in London. And if they are as good as advertised, records will fall.In 2009, FINA, the governing body of international swimming, banned all high-tech swimsuits as a reaction to the pace at which world records were being broken in the 2008 Summer Olympics and subsequent events.

If too many records fall in London, it will be interesting to see if track and field will be forced to take a similar course of action.

On the next few pages we will take a closer look at these revolutionary suits.

These suits will be worn by the United States, Germany, China, and Russia

The suits were designed using a similar concept to golf balls, which use dimples to travel father and faster

Nike placed elastics and edge finishes on the outside of the suits to help eliminate bulkiness and abrasions

Nike claims that the suits alone will cut a sprinter's time by 0.023 seconds in the 100 meter dash

In the 2008 Olympics, the difference between silver and bronze was only 0.02 seconds

The suit are also green, using 82% (on average) recycled material

It will be interesting to see if the governing body will be forced to change the rules on suits like they did with the swim suits following the 2008 Olympics

Nike is also introducing two new sets of running spikes, including the Nike Zoom Superfly R4. It is unclear if all countries will have gold spike plates.

And the Nike Zoom Victory is geared more towards the longer races

Josh Hamilton already tied a major record. Here's how he did it.

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