Manhattan Is Covered In Nearly A Foot Of Snow [PHOTOS]

Snowstorm February 2013 Manhattan NY UWS

Photo: Robert Johnson — Business Insider

Here in New York we’ve gotten spoiled by a mild winter without any snow.  But we’re learning to brace for powerful storms.Swinging into town Friday night, the blizzard known as Nemo was taken seriously enough that my local movie theatre on the Upper West side shut down early.

Up and down the coast hundreds of thousands lost power, 5,000 flights were cancelled, and the storm pushed all the way into Canada. The Telegraph reports Saturday’s 70 mph winds will do nothing to help cleanup efforts and offers more storm details here.

Meanwhile in the middle of Manhattan we were met with a respectable covering of snow and headed out as the sun rose to see what was what.

The city's first snowstorm of the season had locals out and about enjoying the generous layer of powder up and down the streets.

Some had been up in the night having a bit of fun while everyone else slept

Around 7 a.m. people were mostly taking care of shoveling.

And performing the same daily chores as when the path is clear and the air not so cold.

Columbus on the Upper West Side was already well plowed.

But everything was thick with slush and mildly frozen water that threw reflected stoplights up the street.

As usual, drivers may have had it the worst.

Even this Jeep spent several minutes rocking back and forth in 4-wheel-drive ...

... trying to move from this mild batch of snow around his truck.

Central Park West was a little less clear and very windy.

The city did an early job of plowing the walk beside the Park.

So that locals could perform their routines, with perhaps a bit more seed given the thick snow.

Inside the Park was still quiet.

A few excited visitors were already headed in.

We weren't the only news outlet there.

The Today show was set up and trying to stay out of the way of early cross country skiers.

It was a lot of gear to haul out to the middle of Central Park.

The announcer stood before the camera getting colder and colder.

As NBC did their thing, others started dribbling into the park hoping to find the choicest hill.

Some have worse commutes and digging ahead of them than others ...

... but not the folks at ABC ...

... who broadcast right outside their stage door in the street.

The famous Magnolias bakery was the only place open for coffee.

Except for the faithful corner store where it's impossible to appreciate how hard they work.

That's what the scene was like in Manhattan

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