From Jay-Z's Book To Two Trophies: LeBron James' Championship Night In Pictures

LeBron James

Photo: ABC Sports

The Miami Heat won its second NBA Championship last night. But more importantly, in terms of its place in NBA history, it was the first title for LeBron James.So while there were other players that will also receive championship rings, this title was about one player.

On the next few pages will take a closer look at the night that LeBron James won his first NBA title and finally got the haters and doubters to shut up. Well, at least for one night they were hard to hear.

LeBron has apparently finished 'The Hunger Games,' and moved on to Jay-Z's book 'Decoded'

There were some concerns that LeBron would still be bothered by the cramping he suffered in game four

He was also business during the intros

One last moment of solitude

The Super Duo needed just one more win

LeBron was flying early and often

But he only had one dunk often preferring to lay it in off the glass

And LeBron was doing it at both ends of the court

He just wasn't going to be stopped

LeBron had to know early on that it was the Heat's night

Just prior to the second half LeBron took one last moment to himself before delivering the knockout punch

LeBron drew a flagrant foul on this play when Derek Fischer extended his arms

He could feel it late in the game and was shown 'ringing out a towel'

With three minutes left, LeBron was pulled and had a moment with Chris Bosh

It was too early for hugs, so James gave Erik Spoelstra a double fist-pump

But with the clock nearing zero, it was time for emotion to take over

And LeBron could finally smile

It was Wade's second title, but this one had to be extra special

LeBron and Kevin Durant hugged it out

And Alonzo Mourning had a few words for King James

Finally, it was time for LeBron to lift the trophy

And he looked like a little kid having fun again

It wasn't quite Michael Jordan crying, but LeBron did give the trophy a big hug

Even LeBron must have been humbled to receive the MVP trophy from Bill Russell

Which he raised with pride

But it was the championship trophy that LeBron didn't want to let go of

And both trophies joined him after the game

As he finished with the reporters, it was as if LeBron had one final message for the haters and doubters

And all that was left was to protect the trophies from Bosh's champagne showers

Now check out the Heat's championship party

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