PHOTOS: More Than 800 Islamic Demonstrators Rallied In Sydney Last Night

A group of more than 800 Muslims rallied in in Lakemba, west of Sydney, last night protesting the negative coverage Islam and the prophet Mohammad have received since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

Our Prophet, Our Honour demonstrators held signs that read: “Je Suis Muslim”, an echo of the “Je Suis Charlie” slogan of worldwide unity used after Paris attacks. Local Muslim leader Sufyan Badar said the rally was about the community coming together in response to the anti-Muslim media coverage.

“We also gather to place the politics of the events in France in the correct context,” he said.

“Freedom is the smokescreen with which Western politicians and media conceal the underlying issues.

“In reality free speech is one of the many political tools that are used to maintain dominance over the Muslims.”

Despite being a peaceful rally 14 people were removed by police for breaching the peace. No charges were laid.

Here are some photos of the demonstration that have been posted on social media.

Lakemba, NSW. People of Islamic faith protesting against the depiction of the prophet Muhammad.

A photo posted by Tom Hancock (@thetigerbureau) on

Alhumduliah a successful and benifical night. Learnt heaps and stood up for our rasool (pbuh)

A photo posted by Team Deen Over Duniya (#TDOD) (@its_waj) on

Lah ilah ilah lah. I testify their is no God but allah and Muhammad is his messenger #Rally #Lakemba news full taking photos.

A photo posted by Team Deen Over Duniya (#TDOD) (@its_waj) on

Here are some more.

Sydney Muslims gather at a 'Our Prophet, Our Honour' rally to show their support for the Prophet Muhammad in the suburb of Lakemba.

Children hold placards during the rally which ends a week of events to show support for the Prophet Muhammad.

Protesters came together during the rally for prayer.

'Je Suis Muslim' and Charlie Hebdo cartoons were held by the protestors against the anti-muslim coverage.

The event culminated with a rally, 'Stand for the Prophet'. Police said the group was at east 800-strong.

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