PHOTOS: More than 100 people were injured by a freak wave at the Figure 8 Pools in Sydney

More than 100 people have been injured by a freak wave after trying to take a picture with the popular Figure 8 Pools in Sydney on Saturday.

Emergency services, including an Ambulance NSW helicopter and Westpac Lifesaver helicopter were called to the scene around 3pm with three women being airlifted to hospital with minor injuries, including head injuries and a suspected broken ankle.

The cluster of rock pools, which are located in the Royal National Park in Sydney, have become a drawcard for many tourists and locals as a popular picture-taking spot over the past year much like the Wedding Cake Rock which was fenced off earlier last year when people began taking risky photos on the edge of the 60 metre cliff.

The Figure 8 Pools can only be accessed through a steep walking track spanning 3.5 kilometres south of Burning Palms Beach. Visitors to the site have previously been warned of high tide.

Here’s a closer look at the site from visitors.

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