PHOTOS: Migaloo the white whale returns to Australia

a file photo of Migaloooff the coast of Byron Bay. Rob Dalton/Getty Images

Migaloo, the unique white whale first seen in 1991, is back off the Australian coast.

He is said to be the only documented white humpback whale. His name means “White Fella” in an Aborginal language.

The latest reports show Migaloo has reached the Great Barrier reef in his migratory path from the Antarctic to the warmer water of northern Australia.

Earlier, Caron Pharoah managed to snatch the following photographs of ‎Migaloo‬ off the Gold Coast.

Image by Caron Pharoah.
Image by Caron Pharoah
Image by Caron Pharoah
Image by Caron Pharoah
Image by Caron Pharoah

There have been reports of Migaoo getting too much human love and vessels getting too close.

The Queensland Government passed legislation to protect Migaloo after colliding with a yacht. No vessel should approach within 500 metres.

Migaloo’s name was used in the 2007-08 campaign in the Antarctic by the conservation group Sea Shepherd against Japan’s so-called scientific whaling program which that year proposed to harpoon humpback whales as well as minke whales.

There’s some new footage of Migaloo by Byron Bay-based photographer Craig Parry HERE.

Dean Jefferys, founder of Migaloo 2, a conservation yacht, spoted Migaloo last week near Tweed Heads.

“I saw Migaloo from Hastings point and Cabarita headland,” he writes on Facebook.

“Yeah so happy. I know some whale watch operators and private boats and helicopters get way to close with there loud motor noise and constant hassling.

“Soon he will find peace in the outer GBR (GReat Barrier Reef). I tuned in and sent an apology on behalf of the humans for the hassling he gets from humans.”

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