Incredible Photos Of Mexican Cops Blazing 134 Tons Of Confiscated Marijuana


Photo: TPM

Potheads shield your eyes.  Mexico just destroyed 134 tons of marijuana in a blaze you have to see to believe.  You only see this amount of drugs in the movies.  

A photograph of the marijuana, pre-burning

A photograph of the marijuana, pre-burning.

More bricks

Those look like haystacks

'There are indications that suggest that it belongs to the organisation of the Pacific,' said Alejandro Poire, security spokesman for Mexican President Felipe Calderon, referring to the Sinaloa, or Pacific, cartel.

Carrying a very large brick


Field of weed

It begins

On Wednesday, Mexican authorities in Tijuana incinerated 134 tons of marijuana -- from what they said was the largest pot bust in the country's history.

Making sure no tourists stop by

The Los Angeles Times reports that, 'At 4:40 p.m., an army general pushed a button, triggering an electrical charge that detonated gunpowder beneath the pile.'

It will take TWO DAYS to burn it all

This is a serious military operation

A drum and bugle corps played during the ceremony, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Full combat gear

According to The Los Angeles Times, the drugs were discovered 'after police intercepted a convoy of vehicles escorting a tractor-trailer' that had left a warehouse. Eleven people were reportedly arrested after a shootout with police and soldiers, and then, acting on information from the suspects, officials raided a warehouse and two homes.

Looks like a forest fire

The New York Times reports that the burned marijuana was the equivalent of a few hundred million joints, and the column of smoke was visible for several miles.

Think anybody pocketed a bit?

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