Big, Beautiful Photos Of The Only Rolls-Royce Dealership In New York City

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We recently stopped by Manhattan Motor Cars to check out the Rolls-Royce Ghost. Originally, released in 2009, the Ghost has been gaining ground and popularity and just a year ago they released an extended wheelbase edition with additional rear seat passenger room.The only place in Manhattan where you can get the Ghost is at Manhattan Motor Cars in West Chelsea, which also specialises in Porsche, Lotus, Bentley, and Lamborghini.

The Ghost is totally customisable, explained Jeff Dragin, Sales Manager at the dealership. “You could come in with a special leather coat you like or a unique piece of wood and we will build that into the car,” he said. Rolls-Royce will even hold onto the extra pieces in case you need to repair the car. 

Starting at around $250,000 the Rolls-Royce Ghost isn’t cheap, but it is worth every penny.

Manhattan Motor Cars: the only place in town where you can get a Rolls.

Here's Jeff Dragin, sales manager and our tour guide.

The showroom is located in far West Chelsea.

Rolls-Royce is all about bespoke car production and the dealership has a special area where you can explore all your options. That basically means anything you can imagine.

They have many leather options, but you can also bring your own leather or work with them to develop a colour and style you want to use.

This board can be used to layout all the elements of the car - leather for seats, wood paneling, plush carpets, and exterior colour.

You can also read about the history of the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

A computer can generate models of your car based on your preferences.

If you design your own colour or material no one else can use it. It is yours forever!

Source: The Telegraph

The original model for the emblem was Eleanor Thornton, Lord Montagu's secretary and his secret lover.

Source: The Telegraph

The Ghost is built around a steel monocoque body. That means the chassis and body are not separated, reducing exterior dimensions while maintaining a large interior.

The Ghost's double front bulkhead helps keep the interior insulated against engine noise.

The Ghost has a sophisticated air suspension system and computer sensors that read road and weather conditions. The Rolls-Royce logo on the wheel always stays upright, even when the car is in motion.

Every aspect of convenience has been considered, down to the umbrella holder in the door. You can place a wet umbrella in there with no problem - a special ventilation system will dry it out.

The car has a champagne bucket built in. Even this is customisable--Dragin has seen customers go with more exotic options like a gun-rack.

Controls in the back are slick.

While much of the car is modern, the little knobs are a throwback to the classic Rolls-Royce and a subtle reminder of the vehicle's impressive and long lineage.

You can opt for a two-tone seat, with different colours for the chair and the emblem.

The rear seats can recline. They have special vents to allow for breathability.

Controls for the rear.

And an even more impressive set for the front.

Even the window controls are finely crafted.

The car has a great coach door setup.

The regular Ghost is only a little smaller than the extended wheelbase version.

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