There's Nothing Quite Like Black Friday At Macy's Gigantic Flagship Store

macy's black friday

Photo: Kim Bhasin / Business Insider

Macy’s opened its massive flagship store in Manhattan’s Herald Square at midnight last night for Black Friday.It was nuts, and capped a big day for Macy’s following its well-hyped Thanksgiving parade.

We stopped by the world’s largest department store to see what things were like, and we were certainly not disappointed by the fanfare and the ensuing shopping frenzy.

The sheer intensity of the shoppers, the structured chaos and the environment makes Black Friday at Macy’s flagship quite a unique experience.

Welcome to Macy's Herald Square flagship store in Manhattan. It's the biggest department store in the world, and its midnight launch on Black Friday attracts thousands of bargain-hunting shoppers.

Macy's opened multiple entrances to help prevent a stampede. Where one line ended, there would be another door and another line.

Police were present at many of the entrances to keep everything orderly.

Food carts were lined up down the street. Easy access for the folks waiting in line.

Chevrolet had set up a tent in Herald Square for the event — a testament to how big a marketing event the midnight launch has become.

At the main entrance, a crowd gathered in a massive wedge.

Media crews were scattered around, talking to eager shoppers.

They were pretty amped up.

Inside the store, the prey awaited. Coach bags...

... and Cuisinarts stacked high.

Macy's did a few last minute touch-ups in preparation for the big moment.

Like making its logo more prominent at the main entrance.

The throng got increasingly anxious as midnight approached, with the NYPD on scene.

Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren was right up front for the countdown.

And here they come! Lundgren snapped a quick photo and slid out of the way as the rush began.

Employees and customers alike stuck phones up in the air to document the experience.


At the main entrance, the escalator heading up to the second floor stopped moving. There was a huge logjam.

Some took a second to take it all in.

Others scurried around the first floor, searching for deals.

Macy's had products piled up, ripe for the picking.

On the second floor — the giant shoe floor — it wasn't quite as chaotic.

And it got less packed as shoppers dispersed throughout Macy's 10 floors.

Here's what all those people were here for.

And they gobbled it up. Plenty of shoppers were sporting red Macy's bags on their way out.

Meanwhile, down at the Coach shop, workers were pretty much mobbed.

But not Louis Vuitton. Its shops, which are inside Macy's, weren't open for the event.

Now see Black Friday insanity around the rest of the country...

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