PHOTOS: The storms in Sydney had luxury properties crumbling into the sea

Photo: Blue Snapper.

Sydney has been battered over the weekend by dangerous storms, which brought flash flooding, high winds and ferocious seas.

Many coastal and low lying suburbs of the northern beaches had to be evacuated by emergency services.

While some were able to make light of the situation — one guy was fishing off his balcony in Narrabeen — others found themselves in life-threatening situations.

Just the next suburb across in Collaroy, sea walls crumbled away last night, washing property into raging surf.

Here’s a look a garden shed being swallowed by the seas

The coastline looks as though it has had a bite taken out of it

This pool was the next to go. The houses are hanging on the edge.

Photo: Daniel Munoz/ Getty Images.
Photo: Daniel Munoz/Getty Images)

The Collaroy Hotel also copped a battering

It lost a deck and a lower restaurant area

Local photographer Alex Marks captured these images of the aftermath this morning

Photo: Blue Snapper.

The clean up is going to be extensive across the region

Photo: Blue Snapper.
Photo: Blue Snapper.

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