The 14 Most Spectacular Crashes And Falls Of The 2012 London Olympics

2012 London Olympics crash fall collide

Every four years we gather around our televisions to watch the awesome spectacle of the Olympic games.

We cheer for medal-winning stars as well as the athletes who barely made it and are there for the simple love of their sport and overall competition.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned for Olympic athletes, stars or otherwise.

The dream they’ve been working toward for so long can all come crashing down, literally, in one brief moment.

Then there are the weird collisions and falls that leave athletes and lookers-on alike gasping for air.

With the games winding down this weekend we’ve put together some of the more memorable and/or jaw dropping falls, crashes and collisions from London 2012.

Vania Stambolova of Bulgaria hit the first hurdle during a 400-meter heat and couldn't recover

Alex Morgan nearly decapitated New Zealand's goalie during the quarterfinals

Mexico's diving coach falling out of his chair out of excitement technically happened during Olympic competition, so we'll count it

A number of miscues caused Russia a chance at gold in the women's gymnastics team final, especially Ksenia Afanasyeva painfully landing on her ankle during floor exercises

Carl Bouckaert of Belgium had a scary moment during equestrian competition, falling off his horse and getting stepped on

Ehtiopia's Birhan Getahun only had one hurdle to clear in the 3,000-meter steeplechase when his foot hit the hurdle straight on and well...

McKayla Maroney couldn't land her vault during individual event finals

Maroney's teammate Gabby Douglas had similar struggles during her balance beam routine

American BMX rider Brooke Crain suffered a major crash during a jump in a qualifying round

Consensus: hurdles are hard. Lui Xiang of China was a medal favourite before this mishap

There was a good sized pile up during the women's road race cycling competition

BMX can have pile ups too. This took place during the men's quarterfinals

Matthias Steiner of Germany was favoured to take gold before painfully dropping a 432 lbs. barbell on his neck

Canadian triathlete Simon Whitfield completely wiped out during the bike portion of the race, requiring stitches on his legs and breaking his collarbone

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