Lexus Put A Spectacular Grille On Its New Performance Coupe

Today at the Detroit Auto Show, Lexus pulled the covers off the 2015 RC F performance coupe, and we liked what we saw.The car is a sleek rear-wheel driver with a V8 engine that generates over 450 horsepower.

Let’s pause to remember what horsepower means: One horsepower is equal to the strength of an 18th century draft horse, more or less. So go find 450 very strong horses.

Tie them to this car. Then make them all pull.

If they’re equal to the RC F’s engine, they’ll take it up to 60 mph in about 4.6 seconds, and up to a top speed of 168 mph. (I realise horses can’t actually run more than 100 mph.)

But in the context of modern performance cars, 450 hp isn’t especially noteworthy. What really caught our attention on the RC F is the grille. Lexus took the “signature spindle” design and changed it up just a bit, adding an F-mesh pattern on the bottom half.

Like it or not, it’s spectacular: An eye-catching, ogle-inducing, spectacle. You won’t miss this gaping maw on the road:

Here’s a better look at the RC F. Good job, Lexus:

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