Kim Jong-un Continues Post-Absence Media Tour With Fighter Jet Inspection

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has taken time out from his schedule of visiting orphanages and restaurants to instead visit one of the country’s airfields.

North Korean media reports that he watched flights take off at the airfield and perform “the high art of aviation.”

Kim Jong-un reportedly “feels whenever watching flight drills that our airmen are very good at flying.”

The North Korean air force uses a variety of Chinese and Russian planes. The country’s most-used military jet is the MiG-21 PFM, which was created in Russia in 1967. North Korea’s “People’s Air Force” is reported to number around 110,000 personnel.

The country says that he sat in the seat of pursuit plane No. 550 to “learn in detail” the engineering data and talk to the pilot.

Yesterday South Korea claimed to have “solved” the mystery of the North Korean leader’s recent disappearance, saying that he vanished for 40 days while undergoing treatment for a cyst on his ankle. They claimed that his illness was down to obesity, smoking, and his busy schedule. However, the South Korean government and media often make claims about North Korea that have little basis in fact, so the new claim may fully explain why Kim Jong-un was absent for so long.

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