PHOTOS: Khalid Shudooh's Happy Life In America Before He Was Deported

khalid shudooh

Khalid Shudooh was a football player and honour student who had lived in the U.S. since he was four and his family moved from Jordan.

But when his father fell on tough times and left the country, Khalid lost his visa. He stayed in the U.S., the only country he’d ever known, supporting himself and going to high school.

His freshman year of college, U.S. marshals came to his house and arrested him. He was thrown into prison with drug dealers and thieves.

With his bail set at $250,000 and his family overseas, Khalid didn’t have many options.

Khalid Shudooh was born in Jordan. When he was 4, his father accepted a scholarship at the University of Wisconsin, and the entire family moved.

Khalid adapted quickly and pretty soon couldn't even remember his native Arabic. He's seen here in kindergarten.

Khalid said he's felt like an American for as long as he could remember. When he visited Jordan as a kid, he said he felt out-of-place.

An honour student, Khalid is seen here with a science project he did with his dad, a college professor.

But when Khalid was in middle school, 9/11 happened and life began to change. He and his siblings were taunted at school for their ethnicity and religion.

Still, Khalid stayed active at school, earning good grades, playing football and running track. He broke two school records on the track team.

When his father couldn't get a job, the family decided to relocate to Jordan. Khalid and his brother stayed in the U.S. because it was the only life they had ever known.

His senior year of high school, Khalid and his brother lived independently. In addition to playing football and going to school, he worked full-time to pay the bills. It was during this time that his visa expired.

After graduating with honours, Khalid went to the University of Cincinnati to study business. After his first year, he was detained by U.S. marshals and taken to prison..

Khalid and his brother spent four months in prison. Their family couldn't afford the bail of $250,000. When he was able to speak to a judge, it was just over the phone. He was deported.

Khalid flew back to Jordan to be reunited with his family. While there, he faced a culture clash in a country where he couldn't even speak the language.

Khalid overcame his difficulties overseas and recently graduated from a university in Lebanon. He works in real estate.

Khalid still struggles with life in another country and culture. He says he feels bitterness toward the U.S. system and how he was forced from the country.

Khalid got deported. Are these Americans next?

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