Jon Lester's World Series Glove No Longer Has A Mysterious Green Substance

Jon Lester created quite a stir after his strong performance during game one of the World Series when a green substance was spotted in his glove. Well tonight, the same spot in Lester’s glove appears to be devoid of any foreign substances, legal or illegal (see below).

After game one, a win by the Red Sox, manager John Farrell said that the only substance in Lester’s glove was rosin and cited Lester’s propensity to sweat a lot as to why Lester would have the substance in his glove. However, Farrell was at a loss to explain why the substance appeared green.

Here is a look at Lester’s glove during tonight’s game five with the arrow pointing to the spot where the green substance was seen in game one. That spot appears to have been cleaned. You can see a comparison to game one below (click on images for a larger view)…

Here is the comparison to game one, with the television view of game one on the left, a high resolution image from game one in the middle, and game five on the right. Whatever was on Lester’s glove, it appears to be gone in game five…

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