PHOTOS: Jellyfish Invade A Beach On The Gold Coast

Jellyfish have invaded the beaches of the Gold Coast in Queensland.

On Friday a massive school, 50 metres in circumference, took over Narrowneck Beach, speckling the water like blue and white polkadots.

Local lifesaver Grahame Long was able to jetski out and capture some photos of the slimy sea creatures while out on patrol.

The jellies, which were swept onto the coast by strong north-easterly winds during Christmas, have now separated and reach along the coastline from Surfers Paradise to the Gold Coast Seaway.

When the “Blue Blubbers” first arrived Marine biologist Paul Thomson told The Courier Mail they were a common sighting along the east coast of Australia.

“Recent research shows that jellyfish numbers oscillate over time and will be abundant for several years and then not seen for several years – this bloom of jellyfish appears to be part of a recurring series of events at about this time of year in Moreton Bay,” Thomson said.

Here’s what they looked like when they first hit Queensland.

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