Beautiful Night Pictures Of The Japanese Factories That Tourists Are Flocking To


Photo: Kabacchi via Flickr

Kawasaki, known for being destroyed during WWII and the famous Doshi temple, has a new tourist attraction.Visitors are flocking to the giant factories of companies like Dell, Fujitsu, Nippon Oil and Toshiba, which have started offering night tours, according to CNNGo.

The new obsession has been dubbed “factory infatuation.” For a country that just fell behind China in exports, you can read a lot into their interest.

Kawasaki is the centre of a new tourism trend taking hold in Japan.


Tourists are flocking to view the city's factories, especially by night, in what is being dubbed 'Kojo moe' or factory infatuation.


Japan's 9th most populous city, Kawasaki was bombed in 1945 and had to rebuild its industrial landscape.

Source: Wikipedia

Unlike typical tours which include factory visits, tourists can only view these from the outside.


Visitors say the factories are reminiscent of the works of Swiss surrealist H. R. Giger who designed the sets of Alien.


They are often awed by the geometric shapes and the interplay of lights and smoke in the area.


Boat tours of the area are booked months in advance and cost $48.

Industrial aesthetics were pushed in a book called Kojo Moe with photos of LPG tanks, steal towers, steam power plants by photographer Ishii Tetsu


Lawmakers are now trying to get operational factories enlisted on the World Heritage sites list.

Bordering the Tokyo bay, Kawasaki is a dream visit for industrial junkies and has inspired other such tours in Japan.

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