PHOTOS: Total Pandemonium At Apple's Flagship Store For The iPhone 5 Launch

5th avenue apple store iphone 5 launch

Photo: Kim Bhasin / Business Insider

Apple’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City, with its iconic glass cube, is the most famous Apple retail store on the planet.So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there was an absolutely crazy scene at the store for the launch of the iPhone 5.

We were at the store this morning — take a look at what we saw.

The Fifth Avenue Apple Store is normally open 24/7, 365 days a year — but it's closed for a while today.

TV news vans were all lined up on the curb. The place was packed with media.

An epic line snaked away from the famous glass cube, filled with resellers, spot-holders and superfans alike.

Some were sleeping.

Others knocked back coffee.

An Apple photographer scurried around taking photos of everything, behind the security that kept the media at bay.

Of course, the NYPD was there to keep everybody safe.

The line meandered away from the store toward Madison Ave.

Representatives from Gazelle were out talking to people throughout the line to tell people about their service — they buy old iPhones and give you cash for them.

One girl was trying to convince someone to let her cut the line.

In fact, it reached all the way to Madison Ave. That's a whole, long block.

A bunch of people in line had these yellow OtterBox shirts on.

All the Apple Store employees had these on. They promoted different Apple services.

The clock neared 8 AM, but some folks were still passed out.

Getting organised. Almost time to go...

Inside, beneath the cube, the Apple workers were shouting, and frequently leading huge cheers.

There were some high-fives during the calm before the storm.

8 AM. Pandemonium.

Pretty much everyone near the front had a smile on their face as they were loudly cheered on by the blue shirts.

They came forward in waves, led by Apple folks.

A few minutes later, green dude (that's Greg Packer, a guy famous for always being at the front of lines) came back upstairs. Aha, an iPhone 5! The crowd — and the photographers and cameramen in the pit — loved it.

And there it is, unboxed and booting up.

Lifted up in the air in triumph.

This guy had a plush pig. We don't know why he had a pig, but he had a pig.

This spiky-haired Apple fan attracted a lot of attention too.

There was a drone up above, pointed at the entrance of the cube.

Apple fans kept rolling out of the store grinning, lifting their iPhone 5s in the air and posing for the cameras.

Inside, Apple didn't let the store get too packed though. There was room to walk around — except at the Genius Bar.

It was totally packed, even though they were using all tables to help people buy their iPhone 5s.

Hey! A white iPhone 5.

Onlookers loomed above, recording the frenzy below.

Almost all of the hundreds of Apple employees were constantly churning out sales during the rush.

They also walked people through their new phones.

Many paid with cash (and yes, that's a fake Coach bag.)

Aww, one customer brought her pet into the store. The dog seemed happy, albeit overwhelmed.

On the way out, the NYPD was giving away forms with information about cell phone safety and how to register yours.

And there was one lone protester out front.

THIS is what they were waiting for....

Why do people love the Apple Store so much?

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