PHOTOS: Intuit has a swanky new Sydney office

Intuit has busted out of its old offices and on Monday its 60 Sydney-based employees moved into a swanky new space in the CBD.

Split across two levels which are joined by an internal staircase, Intuit’s new 1480m2 office at 1 O’Connell Street has a games area with foosball and ping pong tables. There’s also a wellness room which Australian MD Nicolette Maury says will be used for massage, meditation and a mother’s room which people can also use to nap and refresh.

Maury told Business Insider the space has been designed to mimic the look and feel of a startup’s office.

“At Intuit, everyone is an entrepreneur. We work in agile teams and encourage rapid experimentation, idea generation and decision making based on data and customer insights,” she said.

The walls are even painted with whiteboard paint so they can be drawn on and the company has invested heavily in a tech fit-out.

“Extensive video conferencing facilities ensure our teams can instantly connect across borders and time-zones worldwide. Along with open collaboration zones, 18 dynamic team rooms support anything from a telecon to a team huddle or conference,” Maury said.

Despite Intuit’s Sydney employees having a new office, Maury says the biggest perk on offer is, “being able to work in an organisation which gives them the freedom to design how we grow.”

Employees also get 10% unstructured time to follow their passion and work on projects outside their day-to-day work.

Intuit launched its Australian team in 2013 after breaking away from an agreement with Reckon who previously distributed the company’s QuickBooks software in Australia.

Brad Paterson, Vice President and Managing Director of Intuit in Asia Pacific, said the move to a custom built headquarters marks a coming of age for Intuit Australia.

“Since Intuit’s launch here in 2013, the team has grown to more than 70 people across three states. This move represents a significant investment to support expansion,” he said.

Here’s a look inside.

Its got a foosball table with an epic view over Sydney Harbour.

There are plenty of breakout areas for employees to chill out or collaborate on ideas. A mix of new, salvaged, handcrafted and antique furnishings have also been used, including a surfboard table.

Intuit has stripped back the ceilings, exposing on-brand red pipes lining the concrete.

A void has been created, letting natural light through to the bottom floor and opening up the space.

Intuit's Sydney employees only moved in on Monday but when they unpack, this is where they'll be sitting.

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