PHOTOS: Inside The Most Exclusive And Amazing Car Show In The World

BMW Turbo Concept Car Villa d'Este Car show

Photo: Daniel Stocker

Each May, car nuts descend onto the shores of Lake Como for the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, a gathering of some of the most valuable, most significant, and rarest cars anywhere in the world.At the show, the finest road and race cars of the last 100 years vie for the title of Best in Show. But they won’t take just anybody.

The cars are only accepted to the show by application. Just over 60 cars were on the roster for the judges on the grounds of the gorgeous lakeside home this year.

Previously, tickets to Villa d’Este were invite only. If you managed to find one for sale, you had to be ready to fork over some serious cash in order to attend. Now, tickets can be purchased by the general public for the event and prices are actually quite reasonable.

While we were not able to make it, our friend Daniel Stocker and Dutch site Autogesport shared a number of fantastic photos that should give you a small taste of just how amazing this event is.

This year, the Ferrari 250 series was being celebrated. That's a 250 California and Berlinetta. Californias are ridiculously expensive and have sold for over $10 million in the past.

This 250 Lusso is almost overshadowed by the beauty of the scenery

The crowd is a mix of high-powered elites and now, the general public with an insatiable thirst for cars.

Ferrari's 250 GTO also had a presence. It's amazing that these cars, that can trade for $32 million, are being driven on the roads. We'd be terrified of an accident.

This variant of the 250 GTO is one of our favourites. The 250 LM is simply one of the most beautiful cars ever built.

When we said that the show attracts rare cars, we weren't kidding. This 250 Vignale might be the only one in the world.

Not to be outdone, here is the 250 Zagato. Zagato and Vignale both refer to the builder that designed the body for the car.

We also love that the cars, like this Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, arrive to the show under their own power. They're them!

This car is a prototype of the famous 365 GTB/4 Daytona. This is one of one. Amazing.

Cars at the show are flown in from around the world. Former NY Post publisher Peter Kaliko's Ferrari 400 Superamerica Aerodinamico made the trip all the way from the states.

Legends of motorsports are also prevalent. This Porsche 917/K is one of the meanest cars to ever take on Le Mans.

And the Ford GT40 is one of the most successful. Here it is in roadgoing Mk. III form.

Two of the most amazing cars in the world and an equally incredible setting make for a great photo opportunity.

Much like Pebble Beach, concept cars make appearances. This Alfa Romeo 4C was voted best concept at the show.

Aston Martin showed off the AM310 Concept, which should be heading to production as its new performance flagship.

A BMW 507 and a beautiful landscape. Not too shabby.

BMW is a sponsor of the event, so they brought out the Turbo Concept from 1972. Many parts of the design later appeared on the M1.

Last year, Zagato teamed with Aston Martin to introduce the breathtaking V12 Zagato. This year, BMW worked with the famed coachbuilder to make this street legal concept coupe.

When we dream at night, it actually looks quite a bit like this.

Two greats of Le Mans past, the Ferrari 250 GTO and Aston Martin DBR1, meet in front of the villa.

Remember: Even though these are cars, they are still important historical works or art that may be affected by the elements. They spend the night in this lucky garage.

While the show is now open to the public, some of them may be wealthier than others, as this McLaren F1 proves.

A Lamborghini Miura SV Jota and a gorgeous Countach show the evolution of the raging bull.

If you need transportation on site, why not just go for one of the dozens of Rolls-Royce's on hand?

If that's not exclusive enough, take this Rolls Phantom Series III for a spin.

Rolls-Royce has made some of the most elegant cars of all time. We doubt the circular doors on this one open unless you are impeccably dressed.

The Pininfarina Brivido is a very cool concept that will unfortunately never be put into production.

The Rimac One is an electric supercar from Croatia. Without a doubt, this is the first Croatian take on the supercar.

Valentino Balboni, Lamborghini's now-retired test driver, had the honour of driving the Miura SV Jota through the judging area in front of the house.

But it didn't win Best in Show. That went to this magnificent Alfa Romeo 6C from 1933. Hopefully we'll get to set foot at Villa d'Este sometime in the not too distant future and gawk at the incredible machinery.

Now check out the streets of another European city.

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