PHOTOS: Inside the incredible mansion touted as Victoria's most expensive home

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Victoria could soon see a new record for the state’s most expensive home.

A mansion owned by Tony Smorgon, a member of the billionaire steel family, and his wife Jennifer, is touted to surpass the current $26 million record when it goes on the market on May 14.

The 1800 sq metre property in Toorak, one of Melbourne’s most prestigious postcodes, has neighbours including former ANZ boss Mike Smith, Good Guys chairman Andrew Muir, ex-JP Morgan Australia chairman Brian Watson and former Pacific Dunlop boss Phillip Brass.

The Smorgon family bought the site in 2005 for $5 million and spent seven years building the mansion before moving in in 2012.

The most expensive sale in Victoria’s history to date is John Higgins’ purchase of a Portsea mansion from Computershare co-founder Michele O’Halloran for $26 million in 2010.

The property is listed with Marcus Chiminello of Marshall White, who will oversee the expressions of interest sale.

Here’s a look inside.

This could soon be Victoria's most expensive home.

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It is located in Toorak where the median house price $3.4 million. The property comes with seven bedrooms, three kitchens, dining room for 18 and a 25-metre pool and spa.

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The lavish residence is owned by Tony Smorgon and his wife Jennifer who are part of the Smorgon family which has consistently ranked as one of the richest families in Australia business portfolio ranges from industrial property through to tech start-ups. The couple have five children.

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Although the property was last bought for $5 million by the Smorgon family more than ten years ago, it's now expected to join the few properties in Victoria which have broken the $20 million mark.

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In 2012, the property was completed under the guidance of architects Russell Casper and Andy Skurman after six years.

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It also comes with an incredibly huge garage.

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The sale is being handled with Marshall White with expectations that it will attract both local and overseas interest.

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It will hit the market on May 14 with viewings from May 21.

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Here's one more sneak peek.


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