Gorgeous photos give a look inside the closets of 4 famous entrepreneurs

Jake Rosenberg/CoveteurArianna Huffington.

Since 2010, the fashion website Coveteur has peeked inside the closets of hundreds of CEOs, tastemakers, and celebrities, allowing readers to get an inside look at the luxurious lifestyles of people like Cindy Crawford and Hugh Hefner.

“Someone’s closet reveals a ton about them,” Stephanie Mark, Coveteur’s cofounder and head of business development, told Business Insider. “It can speak to how they express themselves. What we have found is that a person’s wardrobe and personal style tells a lot about their personality.”

This year, the site released its first book, “The Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style,” with 40 profiles over 267 gorgeous pages. We talked to Mark about the process and got her thoughts on our four favourite profiles.

In 2012, Coveteur published a piece on Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. 'The great thing about Hugh Hefner is that he's an inspiration to so many people in all different types of fields, not just fashion or media,' Mark said.

Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, 2012

According to 'The Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style,' Hefner gave the photographer full access to the interior of his closet. '(It) was stocked with all of his signatures: slinky PJs in every colour of the rainbow, loafers, bunny cuff links, velvet blazers, captain's hats, and even a few novelty keepsakes from the Playboy archives.'

'The fact that I wear sleepwear evolved early on,' Hefner told Coveteur. 'I started the magazine in 1953 and found myself taking the work with me, home to the Mansion. I was working at night -- around the clock -- and it just became a natural kind of thing to wear the pajamas; they were comfortable.'

Another media mogul Coveteur has covered is Arianna Huffington, whom Mark refers to as 'the Original Queen of Digital.'

Arianna Huffington at her SoHo penthouse in New York, 2015

The cofounder of The Huffington Post greeted Coveteur into her SoHo penthouse while praising the practicality of flat shoes and advocating her dedication to getting a solid eight hours of sleep every night.

'I have a go-to outfit for a period of time. I wear a dress to death, until I can't look at it anymore. But I kind of like it, because I appreciate how men can just go put a suit on in the morning and they don't have to think about it,' Huffington told Coveteur.

Coveteur also visited Tommy Hilfiger at his home at the Plaza Hotel. 'The best part of shooting Dee and Tommy Hilfiger was how warm and welcoming they were,' Mark said.

Dee and Tommy Hilfiger inside their apartment at the Plaza Hotel in New York, 2012

'Tommy sat with us and told us the entire story of how his career launched. Not only was hearing about how someone grew an empire firsthand inspiring, but it drilled home the message that you can be successful while still being kind and down to earth,' she said.

The Hilfigers' closets were almost impeccable. 'Disorganization is not an option for me,' Tommy told Coveteur.

In 2015, Coveteur visited then 19-year-old Tavi Gevinson, whose website Style Rookie launched her career as a writer and influencer when she was just 11 years old. She now runs Rookie magazine.

Tavi Gevinson at her walk-up in New York's Lower East Side, 2015

'Tavi continues to inspire me daily, but I think what most sticks out is how she really created an online community,' Mark said. 'Tavi spoke openly to her audience and their reception and loyalty is nothing short of inspiring.'

According to 'The Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style,' Gevinson's closet was full of treasures: 'We found pleated lip-print skirts gifted to her by Miuccia Prada, leather gloves handed down by Winona Ryder (who, in turn, received them from Audrey Hepburn), and gold Chanel boots that were a present from Stevie Nicks.'

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