PHOTOS: How Men's Fashion Changes In Different Countries And Why Aussie Men Are Still Experimenting

Pharrell Williams. Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/ Getty

“Confidence is the ultimate accessory.”

This statement comes from a man who travels the globe photographing stylish men in their natural state.

In his street style journal Men Of This Town, the ultimate exploration of men’s styling, Giuseppe Santamaria’s candid shots reveal the fashions of men around the world.

An art director and photographer originally from Toronto but currently living in Sydney, Santamaria believes his candid shots best encapsulate who these men really are.

Not surprising however (sorry lads) the result of his work shows Australian men aren’t as stylish as their international counterparts.

But experimentation is on the rise. As Aussies ditch their thongs and rugby jerseys for more provoking clothing Australian men are slowly but surely finding their fashion feet.

“I wouldn’t say Aussie guys are behind but they look for inspiration from many different cities, making the scene more varied and experimental. If I would give any advice, I would say to look to the cities that have a similar climate to Australia. Italy is a great example as they know how to dress for the warmer months with lighter fabrics and colours,” Santamaria says.

In what should encourage men to vamp up their look and embrace their own style, here are some of Giuseppe’s photos from Sydney to London, Milan, New York and Tokyo that show the change of trends and fashions from major cities around the world.

SYDNEY- Men’s style is Sydney is very eclectic...

It’s a city where men on the mainstream are finally starting to experiment with fashion.

It’s a time of experimentation and trying new things...

...leading to some flamboyant looks.

LONDON -High fashion is very prominent on the streets of London...

...more so then any other city I’ve been to.

The men here really take fashion seriously and are on top of what designers are coming out with and what they should be wearing.

You’ll see looks go from the runway to the streets in a matter of days.

MILAN - Style in Milan all stems from tradition.

The Italian’s say they are born with taste when it comes to food and fashion...

... and it couldn’t be more true.

They have a rich history in fashion, especially in Milan and men’s style is based off of tradition, while still adding something to modern a look up.

NEW YORK - The men of New York have the most fun with fashion.

It’s where trends are heavily featured on the streets...

...resulting in a more urban and cool look.

New York is the land of big box stores but the guys know how to make their style unique.

TOKYO - Probably my favourite city to photograph.

Every corner I turned, their would be an impeccably dressed man to photograph.

Whether it be in a traditional kimono or a Japanese dandy...

...they take their dressing very seriously and execute a look to the very last detail.

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