Here Are The 32 Best Images From The 2012 MLB All-Star Game

Jose Bautista

Photo: Fox Sports

Last night, the National League blew out the American League 8-0 in the MLB All-Star game.But while the game itself was pretty boring after the first few innings, there were still plenty of interesting, odd, and funny images from the game.

We picked out our favourites. On the next few pages we will take a look at the highlights you won’t necessarily see on the sports shows.

The red carpet at the all-star game always feels forced and out of place

In his last All-Star game, Chipper Jones delivered a speech, but I was mesmerized by the Tiffany's box in Matt Kemp's locker

NBA players have gone hipster. Apparently baseball players are going line dancing

When did it become mandatory for all major sporting events to cover the entire field with a U.S. flag?

The home town crowd gave Billy Butler one of the loudest ovations I have ever heard at an all-star game

And Robinson Cano was booed

Baseball's new star import, Yu Darvish, was at the game, but did not pitch

B-2s, a stealth bomber designed to not be seen, always seems like an odd choice for flyovers

Kauffman Stadium is not as old as Fenway or Wrigley, but it is more like an Old School stadium than those others. And that's cool.

Hall of Famer George Brett threw out the first pitch

Many players had colourful shoes, but none were brighter than Melky Cabrera's

Prince Fielder couldn't dig this throw robbing us of a classic Jeterian moment

I pulled a groin just looking at this image

Fox never met a promo they didn't like which explains why a character from a DirecTV commercial was seen in the stands

There was a Marilyn Monroe wannabe in the stands

The AL squad went with the rally caps early

Players were allowed to tweet during the game as long as they weren't in the game

New shoes for the All-Star game is an old tradition. But back in the 70s and 80s, players used this game to go with white cleats, like Curtis Granderson

One of R.A. Dickey's knuckleballs got away from him

So when he actually caught this one, it deserved a sarcastic golf clap

Erin Andrews, making her Fox Sports debut, interviewed a grinning Derek Jeter

Wouldn't it make more sense to just show the blimp instead of a graphic of the blimp?

Aroldis Chapman was bringing the heat

The players had stars on the backs of their jerseys and caps

But the cap of Rays closer Fernando Rodney only had one star for some reason

But that didn't stop Rodney from unleashing his signature bow-and-arrow routine, much to the amusement of Asdrubal Cabrera

Mike Trout has the same talking-half-smile thing Ben Affleck always does

Melky Cabrera and his mum were named the game's MVP (half-true)

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