Here's What Wimbledon Looked Like The Last Time A Brit Won

Fred Perry Wimbledon

After losing in the semifinals at Wimbledon three straight years, Andy Murray broke through last year to become the first Brit to reach the finals since 1938.

Now, after reaching the finals for the second straight year, Murray will try to become the first Brit to win the tournament since Fred Perry in 1936.

Of course, a lot has changed at Wimbledon in the 77 years since Perry’s last of three straight Wimbledon championships.

On the next few pages we will take a look at some amazing photos that show just how much it has changed.

In 1936, Fred Perry wore pleated slacks with a belt and of course, used a wood racket

And even occasionally wore a short-sleeved sweater

Today's players still wear all-white, but now it is shorts, synthetic materials, and rackets made with materials such as graphite

Fred Perry (far right) was watched by King George V and Queen Mary (far left) during his first Wimbledon victory

In 2013, Andy Murray was watched by Pippa Middleton, Prince William's sister-in-law

In 1936, Fred Perry (right) carried his shoes, three rackets, and what appears to be a single towel onto the court

Today, players carry multiple large bags filled with rackets and other equipment

When Perry won his Wimbledon tournaments, he was presented with these Renshaw Cups

The trophy Murray is competing for in 2013 is a little bigger

One thing that probably won't change is that Andy Murray will probably someday get his own statue at Wimbledon if he finally wins the championship

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