PHOTOS: Here's the $12,000 forensic drones Queensland Police bought to scour crime scenes

Police forensics drone in action. Photo: Queensland Police

Queensland Police (QPS) are now using drones fitted with high-res cameras to assist in searching “challenging” crime scenes.

Two operationally deployable remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) — capable of capturing stills, videos and 3D images — have been integrated into the Forensic Services Group.

Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller said the implementation of these drones was an Australian-first for forensic services.

“These new drones will offer investigators the opportunity to record a comprehensive aerial overview of crime scenes — something that they haven’t been able to do before now,” Miller said.

“The images the drones can capture will be invaluable when it comes to presenting evidence in court.”

The drones will be used to search for evidence in places that were previously inaccessible — for example, on a roof, down a cliff or over a very large distance.

The Queensland government paid $23,000 for the two drones and had an officer from QPS Photographic Section complete CASA training in December 2014 in order to learn how to pilot the technology.

Miller said QPS had been investigating ways to use RPAs since 2010 after receiving operational approval from CASA in late 2013.

The drone’s first deployment was at a fatal house fire in Beenleigh last month.

Here are some shots of the drone in action.

Take off…

Police manoeuvre the drones during the test flight.

The carbon fibre drone has four engines and can hover or speed around with ease.

And here’s a closer look.

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