PHOTOS: Google's New Chrome Operating System, App Store, And Notebook

chrome os

Photo: Google

Google finally revealed its Chrome operating system, notebook, and web app store today.After the long build up, how do they look?

Well, the operating system looks exactly like a web browser. The notebook looks like the quirky beta product it is. And the app store looks a lot like iTunes.

So, this thing isn’t winning any beauty contest. But, we’ll see how it performs when we get our hands on a laptop.

Like all things Google, the Chrome OS starts with search.

Google offers options for other people to use your Chrome OS device and not have it affect your browsing history.

Bookmark your apps in the OS. Note how much this just looks like a browser.

Switch easily from user to user on the same device.

Here's the Chrome app store. Very much like the iTunes App Store. You have to download Chrome for it to work, we were on Firefox for this.

This is what it looks like when you click on an app.

Here's the box for the Google Chrome netbook. It's aesthetically intriguing, which is more than you can say for what's inside the box.

This is Google's beta notebook for Chrome OS, the Cr-48.

It's hilariously plain looking.

The Cr-48 is a beta product Google is giving away to users to test out.

Could you ever imagine Apple or Microsoft doing something like this?

It's pretty neat that Google is willing to give it away though.

No caps lock button on the keyboard. A SHAME.

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