Big, Beautiful Photos Of Google's Newest Gadgets


Photo: Google

Google lifted the curtain off of three new devices today. They include a refreshed Nexus 7 tablet, a brand-new 10-inch tablet, and a powerful new smartphone.Along with these new gadgets comes a new version of Android, Google’s mobile operating system. It’s called Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The new software enhances the tablets: In particular, it makes it easier to share the largest model by supporting multiple user accounts. That’s useful for families and workplaces.

Now that these are out, users may want to think twice about springing for an iPad mini, or any of Apple’s other delicious new products.

Google is certainly turning up the heat.

We'll start with the Nexus 4.

One of the Nexus 4's newest software features is called Photo Sphere. It takes amazing 360-degree panoramas.

The Nexus 4 features a 4.7-inch screen with a 1280 x 768 resolution.

The screen is made with Corning Gorilla Glass. (iPhones use the same glass.)

The rear camera features 8 megapixels.

Available ports include Micro-USB, SlimPort HDMI, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The phone looks incredibly thin.

Sensors include a microphone, accelerometer, compass, ambient-light detector, gyroscope, barometer, and GPS.

A new feature brought to the Nexus 4 is wireless charging.

The phone also runs the newest, fastest version of Wi-Fi and supports NFC (Android Beam).

Google eliminated the 8GB version of its Nexus 7. Now users can choose between 16GB and 32GB.

The Nexus 7 uses an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor to push out amazingly good graphics.

The powerful battery gets users up to 8 hours of active use.

The 7-inch screen uses a 1280x800 HD display, which is backlit and has IPS technology, and scratch-resistant Corning glass.

The miniature tablet has a microphone, NFC (Android Beam), accelerometer, GPS, magnetometer, and gyroscope sensors.

The Nexus 7 weighs 340 grams and measures 198.5 x 120 x 10.45mm.

The Nexus 10 will be available for purchase on November 13.

Speakers have been moved to the front of the device for maximum sound.

The screen has a resolution of 2560x1600 and a powerful graphics processor. The resolution is higher than the Retina iPad.

The Nexus 10 weighs 603 grams and measures 263.9 x 177.6 x 8.9 mm.

It's ridiculously thin.

Rounding out the features are a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera.

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