Photos From Yahoo's $100 Million Campaign Launch Event

This morning, Yahoo (YHOO) held a press conference at Nasdaq in Times Square to announce its $100 million, global “It’s Y!ou” ad campaign.

Thrill a minute!

Check out the pics →

Reporters at NASDAQ on edge of seats

Party favours

All Things D's Peter Kafka taking dictation

TechCrunch's Erick Schonfeld taking dictation

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz tells staffers not to forget their lines

Yahoo PR chief Eric Brown introduces Carol

Carol debuts new suit

Yahoo's new CMO Elisa Steele explains the campaign

Marking SVP Penny Baldwin, Search SVP Tapan Bhat, and EVP Hilary Schneider

The star!

The food (fine)

More food! (fine)

After the show: Carol plugs away on a ThinkPad

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