10 Stunning Photos From The High Diving Event At The World Aquatic Championships

High diving at the 2013 World Aquatics Championships

The 2013 World Aquatic Championships are currently being held in Barcelona, Spain and one of the more visually stunning events is one that is not even held in the Olympics, the high diving.

The event involves dives from a platform more than 2.5 times highers than the platform dives seen during the summer Olympics.

Because of the height, the event is popular among cliff divers and this year’s event included 15 competitors that are also cliff divers.

Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia church make for a gorgeous backdrop

In the other direction, the background was a scenic marina

The diving platform is 27 meters high,or about the height of an eight-story building

For comparison, the highest diving competition in the Olympics is just 10 meters

This diver just seems to be hovering above the platform

And this diver hovers over the entire city

It's amazing that a diver can look so calm and in control in a fall from so high

The competition was won by Colombian Orlando Duque who is a cliff diver

This diver looks like Superman ready to fly into the earth

Which was fitting, because after the competition, Czech Michael Navratil put on a red cape and imitated Superman for the fans

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