Breathtaking Photos Of Classic Rolls-Royces On A Road Trip Through The Alps

rolls-royce centenary alpine trial

A century ago, the Rolls-Royce Ghost entered the Alpine Trial, a week-long endurance rally around Central Europe.

The car did spectacularly, finishing in the top four every day but one, and earning it a well-deserved reputation for reliability.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the feat, the luxury automaker gathered 47 vintage Ghosts, joined by their 21st century descendant, to recreate the rally.

On June 14, 150 participants from 12 countries took off from Vienna on an 1,800 mile trip that would include Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy.

On the gorgeous mountain passes and ocean roads, the classic cars make for a beautiful sight.

Here's a map of the route the cars followed in 1913.

The 2013 route took the cars through Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Before starting out on June 14, the cars lined up in Vienna's Stadtpark.

Then they got on the road.

On the road to the town of Gaming, there was time for an early afternoon photo-op in front of Austria's Mariazell Basilica.

The old school streetcar nicely complemented the classic Rolls-Royces.

Then it was back on the road, en route to Gaming.

Once in town, there was time to stop and check the condition of the cars.

The next morning, everyone was back on the road.

Destination: Salzburg, 140 miles away.

A lovely day for a drive in a gorgeous car.

Once there, the cars got a good deal of attention.

Even from local artists.

The convoy stopped for a full rest day, and took time for repairs.

Back on the road on June 17.

Next stop: Lienz. A 136-mile drive.

The new Silver Ghost looked good on a curving road.

But not quite as nice as its ancestor.

On the road from Seefeld to Solda, still in Austria.

In southern Austria, the cars climbed into the Alps, and things got snowy.

And the roads got windy.

This Ghost was followed by a van through the Stelvio Pass, near the Swiss border.

The participants stopped for a gala and a fireworks display to celebrate the trial's halfway point.

On the road to Moena, things got green again.

On June 23, the Ghosts crossed back into Austria, headed for the city of Villach, near Croatia.

That meant more hills.

Next stop: Slovenia.

The participants got a look at the Adriatic Sea in Portoroz.

Then they headed inland again, across Slovenia and into Croatia.

The end of the day got them to the coastal town of Opatija, the last stop before they headed back into Austria.

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