The Photos From The Last Atlantis Flight Are Out Of This World

space shuttle atlantis 18

Photo: NASA

Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down Thursday after its final mission and a 5.2 million mile journey.Although the future of space flight may remain up in the air for the time being, NASA has nonetheless released some incredible photos of the last Atlantis flight to tide us over.

Up, up, and away!

Atlantis prepares for its final voyage at Kennedy Space centre on May 31.

Atlantis on the launchpad July 7.

On the eve of the launch.

Crew members head to the launch pad.

T minus 10-9-8...


Atlantis scares the birds...


Crowds watch from below

An external fuel canister detaches from Atlantis after launch.

Atlantis in space.

Astronauts Chris Ferguson and Doug Hurley on the crew's second day in space.

Looking out over Atlantis in orbit.

Atlantis pictured over the Bahamas, getting ready to dock at the International Space Station July 10.

Atlantis docks perfectly.

The American astronauts meet three Russian cosmonauts and a Japanese astronaut aboard the International Space Station.

NASA astronaut Mike Fossum gets ready for a six and a half hour spacewalk.

Astronaut Ron Garan captures the space station, the Earth, and the Sun during a space walk July 12.

Ron Garan does chores as the shuttle floats over the Persian Gulf.

Mike Fossum works on the space station.

In orbit...

Group picture!

Sandy Magnus checks out the Earth from the space station.

Atlantis and the International Space Station whirr over the Earth on July 18.

Atlantis after detaching from the International Space Station.

The International Space Station glides on.

Atlantis enters the Earth's atmosphere one last time.

Atlantis prepares to touch down at Kennedy Space centre.

Home safe and sound.

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