Inside The Hottest Parties At The Swankiest Ad Festival In The World [PHOTOS]

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The most important advertising execs in the world gathered on the beaches of Cannes last week for seminars, awards ceremonies, and almost more importantly, the parties.

While they weren’t inside listening to P. Diddy talk about why he hates commercials, they were living it up on the French Riviera. Some parties were classy, others were downright bizarre with contortionists dressed up in wolf costumes.

Things got pretty weird.

Luckily for us, advertisers are obsessed with all things social media, so we were able to piece together the Cannes parties you wish you were invited to.

Even though advertisers were swept away to the beautiful beaches of Cannes, they couldn't escape the power of social media. Here's the view from Twitter events manager Tom Spano's room.

That meant almost no pool party went undocumented on Instagram, Twitter, and Vine.

And, boy, were there lots of pool parties.

And beach parties. Here's how McCann Worldgroup celebrated.

In case the South of France got too hot, Coca-Cola created what was rumoured to be 30,000 specialised Cannes Lions Coke bottles.

More than 1,800 drunk people were served the pizza that wasn't fat-free, gluten-free, or lactose-free. (It was just free.)

Arnold strangely provided Cannes-goers with a pogogram. That's basically a pogo stick that bounces as it takes pictures and videos.

Sometimes ad folk got to take pictures with celebrities.

Jack Black was all over the place!

But there were plenty of other strange characters who weren't celebrities. Cirque de Soleil showed up at the Globe and Mail's party.

Ketchum CEO Rob Flaherty tweeted about his agency's short list next to this guy.

Some parties were glamorous.

With beautiful fireworks.

LinkedIn took special guests around on a yacht.

Other parties were downright bizarre.

Things got weird at the Massive Music party for Heineken.

There were even wolf-costumed contortionists.

Read about it here and watch a suitable for work clip of the party below:

Other parties kept things more contained.

Here's how Ogilvy creatives pre-gamed for their official party.

With most party-goers getting home right in time for the sunrise, it's safe to say Cannes' parties were an overall success.

Ad execs have to brace themselves for the Cannes Lions all year.

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