13 More Insane Photos From North Carolina's Crazy Snowstorm

North Carolina became paralysed by a winter storm that started yesterday morning and continued through today.

We’ve been hearing some pretty crazy stories about people abandoning their cars and trekking miles to get to where they need to go.

One of our readers sent us these unbelievable scenes coming out of Raleigh, North Carolina (and one from the Duke campus.)

We wanted to share them here.

Lots of schools and universities in North Carolina cancelled classes today due to the snow:

People were seen pushing their cars out of snow in downtown Raleigh:

The roads are a mess:

Our source told us this guy walked 7 miles home after abandoning his car on the highway yesterday afternoon. He posted this selfie on his way back:

This was an all-too-familiar scene in North Carolina over the last 36 hours:

This was, too:

The highways were clearing up, but the roads were still covered in snow:

This collection of photos was taken by a team of students who helped unlucky people push their cars out of the snow. They even helped push a bus…

And a truck.

But of course, there was time for a little fun. At least on the Duke campus:

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