We Love These Beautiful New Photos From Mad Men Season 6

Christina Hendricks plays Joan in Mad Men.

AMC’s sixth season of Mad Men begins again on Sunday, and the channel has released a bunch of nice new publicity photos showing the cast in all their period-dress finery.

The shots don’t give away too many plot clues — Betty still hates Megan, Peggy still looks unhappy, etc. — but they do show how some characters are ageing and changing.

Betty has dropped her depression weight and Megan’s hair is entering a huge 1970s phase, it would appear.

Joan is still stunning, of course.

The cast looks stunning, as usual.

Joan looks set to continue stealing every scene she's in.

AMC is promoting Season 6 around the idea of a big formal party.

Pete and Trudy are still together, despite Pete's infidelity last season.

Peggy left the agency last season but clearly she'll continue to play a role on the show.

Harry, Stan, Michael and Ken are all coming back, too.

Neither Roger nor Don appears to have aged.

And Don and Megan are still steaming up the screen.

AMC also took this series of formal portraits for the show ...

Here's Betty - she appears to have lost the weight she put on in season 5.

Joan, smouldering, as usual.

Megan's hair just gets bigger the closer the show comes to the 1970s.

This is a great image of Peggy, who is not treated kindly — in terms of hair and wardrobe — in the show.

Harry, Stan, Ken and Michael again.

Bert - we haven't seen the last of him.

And Betty's new husband, Henry, gets a role this year, too.

Pete, with his trademark smirk.

Roger, again.

Sally Draper is growing up fast.

AMC previously released these black and white stills from the 'party.'

Note how unhappy Betty looks. She hates that Don got married to Megan after they broke up.

Don looks a little older in this photo.

Peggy, always the bridesmaid.

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